The difference between CX and UX.

As a product-oriented person I’m thinking about UX and CX on a daily basis. I had used both abbrs interchangeably. But today I got a hunch that there is a difference.

I noticed that I usually use UX when talking about interfaces and use CX when talking about user’s experience with Customer Care.

I’ve started searching and found this page from the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies of the USA Government. Basically they’re in charge of how the US government makes their digital services.

Here is how they distinguished meanings:

User Experience (UX) deals with people interacting with your product and the experience they receive from that interaction. UX is measured with metrics like: success rate, error rate, abandonment rate, time to complete task, and (since we deal in digital) clicks to completion.

Customer Experience (CX), in contrast, encompasses all the interactions a person has with your brand. It might be measured in: overall experience, likelihood to continue use, and likelihood to recommend to others. In essence, UX is part of a broader CX, but CX contains some aspects outside of a product that UX does not.

I think it’s a pretty good explanation. There is also an informative picture where UX is a part of CX.



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