Do iterate!

When we do things for the first time it usually takes a disproportionately huge amount of time and emotional resources.

Even the first poo for a newborn is tough work. Yeah, there is a concept of “talent”, but I haven’t heard about talented kids who don’t have problems with their physical needs, though.

For the last several days I was doing my webpage. The first version took 15 hours and wasn’t good. I deleted everything. The second one took only 2 hours and I’m pretty happy with it for now.

You might be thinking why it took so long if there are a lot of instruments that offer “creating a website in minutes”?

That’s true, there are services like Webflow, SquareSpace, Tilda, etc. They’re good for many purposes, but will charge you or show ads to the visitors.

I decided to do my webpage at the lowest cost possible + maximising new knowledge. I’ll spend only about 10$/year on the domain.
Hosting is a free tier EC2 on AWS. The page was created in Wordpress without any paid plugins. Here are 3 videos that helped me with setting up AWS: 1, 2, 3.

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